'The Diary of an Obedient Wife'


Karola will be talking about ‘The Diary of an Obedient Wife’ on UCB2 with Ruth O’Reilly-Smith on Friday 23 November at 11am.

This is a comic look at marriage through the eyes of a Christian artist Emily and her day to day diary, featuring conversations with God. Karola is a Christian and she wanted to write a novel that was Christian and funny.
It shows how Emily tries and fails to be the perfect wife for IT and cycling geek Tim, while also trying to make it as an artist, with varying degrees of success.

“If Tim said, ‘Em, I want you to jump through this hoop’, for no reason whatsoever – would I, even though it’s the world’s most ridiculous request? It’d only take a minute, so maybe I would? I’d need to step through the hoop though, not leap, as I’m not remotely acrobatic. And if Tim wanted to say, have the hoop on fire, surely he would see it was preposterous, even with a crash mat on the other side, or a massive fire extinguisher?”

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  • “I read this till all hours and found it absolutely hilarious. I would totally recommend this book. I can’t wait for the next book from Karola Woods. Thank you for the laughs!!”
  • “Really enjoyed this book – and looked forward to my evening readings! This is a funny account of the struggles of a Christian wife trying to do her best that really made me chuckle. Karola Woods also manages to combine the down-to-earth humour with some profound Christian truths to create both a meaningful and amusing book – highly recommend you read it!”
  • “I read this in one go and loved it! Although I’m not a wife, though I am a Christian, I could identify with the heroine’s struggles. The book was really funny, true to life, and really brightened up my afternoon!”

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