Karola Woods

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Sometimes tragedy. Usually comedy.
Karola's latest solo show, I, Marigold was at the Edinburgh Fringe in August 2022, at CC Blooms. Karola has created three theatre solo theatre shows to date, written a comedy novel and does stand up.
I, Marigold 2022
"Really charming lovely show!"
"Brilliantly delivered by a gifted storyteller. A gem. Don't miss!" (Audience feedback).
For an immediate idea of Karola's work visit her YouTube channel.

I, Marigold - a show about domesticity and marriage

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I, Marigold

I, Marigold is Karola's latest solo theatre show, an intimate piece about love, domesticity and marriage.It was performed at the Edinburgh Fringe 2022.
Audience reviews:
"Such a great show!"
"Raw, warm story-telling"
"Really charming lovely show!"
"Brilliantly delivered by a gifted storyteller. A gem. Don't miss!"

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THEATRE SHOW 2019 and 2021: My Mother's Shoes

My Mother's Shoes is an autobiographical theatre show about Karola and her late Polish mum. Karola enacts how her mum was deported to Siberia in World War II and how her ensuing PTSD impacted the whole family, leaving their relationship in ruins. Karola wrote and performed the show in Edinburgh 2019 at Bar 50 via the Laughing Horse Festival and following on from that, at the Migration Matters Festival in Sheffield in July 2021. It is available for hire and a link to the 50 minute show is available on request.Audience Reviews:"This show is wonderful! Important, hypnotic, moving and terrific"."An outstanding emotional performance. Karola takes us on a powerful journey, with humour as well as tears. There is some common ground to be found for all of us in this raw, honest and powerful journey. I will certainly try to see it again. Not to be missed"."I was absolutely floored and wanted to thank you for sharing your and your mother's story this way"."Beautifully written, beautifully performed. This isn’t ”entertainment”; it’s food for the soul. It’s moving, gripping, true; a piece of art. The performer gives all of herself, to tell a story that’s deeply moving, at times painful, at times humorous, but ultimately redemptive. Go and see it!""Karola’s story of her mother’s life and their relationship is the best thing I’ve seen at the Fringe this year. I am planning to go again and take others with me. I would thoroughly recommend this story to anyone who wants to hear a warm, funny, authentic account of the ordeals, struggles and joys of an immigrant family and their integration into northern British life. Totally engaging!"ONE NOT TO BE MISSED. This is a poignant and moving story told by a very articulate and engaging performer. We were thoroughly captivated by this show."From Trending.UK: Of the nine shows I’ve seen at the Fringe, Karola Gajda’s (now Woods) ‘My Mother’s Shoes’ has been the best.

My Mother's Shoes by Karola Gajda poster image

The theatre show 2005-06: My Polish Roots and other Vegetables

This show was funded by the Arts Council and was directed by Peta Lily.It looked at my immigrant, working class background and upbringing in 70s Yorkshire.It premiered in London in 2005, went to Edinburgh in 2006 where it was handpicked for a run at the Arts Theatre near Leicester Square.REVIEWS:
Total Theatre: A lovely piece that is full of heart and soul.
Three Weeks: A sure-fire crowd-pleaser… delightfully funny… for Poles and non Poles alike

My Mother's Shoes by Karola Gajda poster image

The novel: Are My Roots Showing?

Are My Roots Showing? is a laugh-out-loud novel about a British-born Pole, Magda, who goes to live and work in Warsaw and explore her Polish roots. While she is there, she recalls how her Polish mother was sent to Siberia, and this darker thread is woven throughout the story. It's got heart, it's got soul, it'll make you laugh and it'll make you cry.It has many 5 star reviews on Amazon, and you can buy it at the link below.'A hugely entertaining, funny, heart-warming and often moving read.'
Yorkshire Post, UK.
What readers say:
"Fantastic. A Polish Bridget Jones"..."The characterisations are exquisite"… "This is a beautiful book, sometimes really funny and sometimes heart-breaking."


Karola loves to make people laugh and she likes to base her work on her own life experiences.If you have an event for which you need an author, contact Karola via this or on Twitter. She can talk for England (and Poland) and has spoken at events such as the Essex Book Festival, London libraries and local book clubs.To view stand up and sketches, see Karola's YouTube channel (link is just below). The link to her book is also below.TRAINING
Karola studied French and Drama at Bristol University and trained at Jacques Lecoq in Paris.


Why not drop me a line? Theatre bookings or queries, author events, or simply to say hello.