November 11, 2018 Karola Woods

UCB2 Radio, Friday 23 November

I’m delighted to say I’m going to be interviewed on UCB2 at 11am on Friday 23 November by presenter Ruth O’Reilly. I was interviewed by Ruth last August about ‘Are My Roots Showing?’ and I’m overjoyed to be going back. Ruth’s going to be talking to me about my second comic novel ‘The Diary of an Obedient Wife’, amongst other things no doubt. ‘The Diary of an Obedient Wife’ is a diary-form novel about a Christian artist who tries to be the perfect wife and fails with hilarious results. UCB produce the brilliant resource called ‘Word for You‘ which Bob Gass also reads out every day so you can also subscribe and listen. I’d encourage anyone who has a story to tell to get it down on paper – having something out opens some amazing doors to some amazing people – you simply don’t know what is going to happen.

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